Speaker Profiles

Financial planners have a more pivotal role to play than ever before. Building a successful business amidst today’s challenges of low economic growth, volatile world events, fast-changing technology and shifting client expectations requires a combination of knowledge, adaptability and innovation.

Industry-leading keynote speakers share practical insight and knowledge on how to more effectively connect with clients, find opportunities in economic challenges, embrace technology, create innovation and build a persistent long-term business.

Our speakers this year are:

Warren Buffett

Business Magnate


Choosing the best time to invest, his opinion about the Trump presidency, Free trade and Tax reforms… The Sage of Omaha shares his invaluable wisdom in an exclusive pre-recorded CNBC Africa video interview.


Warren Buffett is the chairman, chief executive officer and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, an American multinational conglomerate holding company with an estimated net worth of US$74.1 billion. 

Buffett made his first investment at the age of 11, and was running two business by the age of 13. He graduated from the University of Nebraska seven years later, having made almost US$10 000 from his childhood ventures.

He formed Buffett Partnership Ltd in 1956 and began accumulating stock in Berkshire Hathaway from 1960. By 1965 he had assumed control of the company. Following Berkshire Hathaway's significant investment in Coca-Cola, Buffett became director of the company from 1989 until 2006. 

Isabelle Mateos y Lago

Chief Multi-Asset Strategist


Gain insights into global investment strategies and market outlooks as Isabelle unpacks major drivers and key indicators of global macro-economic issues. Isabelle shares how these are likely to drive markets and helps you see through the noise to find emerging investment trends.


Isabelle Mateos y Lago is managing director at BlackRock, and serves as chief multi-asset strategist at the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII). Mateos y Lago joined BlackRock in 2015 as senior advisor to the chairman of the multi-asset strategies business. One year later, she also took on the role of global macro investment strategist at BII.

Prior to this, Mateos y Lago served at the French Ministry of Finance and the International Monetary Fund in a range of positions.

Mateos y Lago is a member of Inspection Générale des Finances, a graduate of École Nationale D'Administration and Sciences Po in Paris, and has a master's degree in economics from the University of Cambridge.

Moshe Tamir

Global Head of Digital Transformation


Moshe demonstrates how you can leverage technology and ensure successful digital integration for the always connected client as well as discuss how Big Data and better segmentation can help planners to be more effective at scale.


Moshe Tamir is global head of digital transformation at Generali, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. He originally joined Generali as global head of innovation in 2013.

Moshe began his career at Intel Israel as an employee benefits manager. He later joined Israel’s largest insurance company, Migdal Insurance where he served as deputy chief executive officer and chief marketing officer. Here he championed award-winning digital and mobile platform deployments for a number of client and distribution channels. 

Moshe has also served as a board member of Anthemis Group, a leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm focused on re-inventing financial services using technology.

Bill Bachrach

Author and Financial Adviser Trainer


Discover how building trust can add value, help you with winning clients, business and creating mutually-beneficial partnerships. Bill expands on creating the hallmarks of a successful financial planning practice.


Creator of the Values-Based Financial Planning™ turn-key business model, Bill Bachrach is one of the world’s most sought after training providers for successful financial advisors globally. He has also penned a number of industry best-sellers, and his articles have been published in some of the world’s most reputable publications.

A prolific speaker, he has delivered more than 1 000 presentations worldwide at some of the industry's most prestigious conferences, including the Financial Planning Association’s National Convention and the Million Dollar Roundtable.

Bachrach has been inducted into the Financial Planning Magazine’s Hall of Fame and the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame. 

Caroline da Silva

Deputy Executive Officer


Caroline provides a constructive review and much needed insight into the current legislative landscape and unfolding regulatory issues facing financial services industry, financial planners and their clients.


Caroline Da Silva was appointed deputy executive officer of the Financial Services Board (FSB) in 2013. Here she serves as the deputy registrar of Financial Advisory and Intermediaries Services, and is responsible for overseeing Consumer Education at the FSB. 

Prior to joining the FSB, she held numerous positions in the broking and underwriting sectors, including deputy chief executive officer of The South African Insurance Association, and an executive for market development at Old Mutual.

Da Silva has been appointed to numerous board and advisory committees throughout her career, including the SA Law Commission Task Team and the board of Sasria SOC Ltd. She has also served as manager and chair of the South African Nuclear Pool Road Safety Board.

Adrian Gore

Chief Executive Officer


Adrian speaks to the importance of challenging behavioural biases - honed through evolutionary biology - that impede effective decision-making. He demonstrates how framing and loss aversion play a critical role in smart financial planning, particularly during a climate of uncertainty.


Adrian Gore is the founder and chief executive officer of Discovery, a diversified and multi-national financial services group launched in 1992. With total income flows amounting to almost R60 billion, Discovery has over 10 000 staff serving more than five million customers across the globe. 

Gore is a World Economic Forum delegate, and serves on the World Economic Forum Global Health Advisory Board. In 2011, he was appointed to the Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health Advisory Board, and currently sits on the Mailman School of Public Health Board of Overseers at Columbia University.

Gore has received numerous accolades in recognition of his achievements including South Africa’s Best Entrepreneur by Ernst & Young, Business Leader of the Year by the Sunday Times, and the McKinsey Geneva Forum of Health Award.

South African Economists panel moderated by Vusi THEMBEKWAYO

Detailed insights, unrivalled research and strong opinions provide the bedrock of this power panel with some of South Africa’s leading economists. With today’s world witnessing the norms of finance being turned on its head, this session uncovers key indicators to follow in another year of improbable probables.

Colin Coleman

Head of Investment Banking



Named one of Euromoney Magazine’s Top 10 Financial Leaders of the 21st Century, Colin Coleman has served as head of the South African office at Goldman Sachs since 2000. He was named managing director of Goldman Sachs in 2002 and a partner eight years later.

Coleman has also served as director of public finance for Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank, and vice president of energy, power and oil for J.P. Morgan’s Investment Banking Advisory Department in London.

Coleman served as executive director for the Consultative Business Movement, where he played a significant role in mediation, negotiations and inclusive participation between political parties leading up to South Africa’s 1994 elections.

Nazmeera Moola

Economist and Strategist



Nazmeera Moola is co-head of SA and Africa Fixed Income at Investec Asset Management. She also serves as an economist and strategist for the Emerging Market Fixed Income Team, and oversees the top-down investment process for the SA Rates and Credit Teams.

In 2002, Moola served as an economist at Merrill Lynch in London, and joined their South African offices two years later. She subsequently served as head of Macro Strategy at Macquarie First South.

Moola has been rated the top South African economist by the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals and ranked as the top analyst in South Africa by the Extel survey of European emerging-market fund managers. 

Ettienne le Roux

Chief Economist



Ettienne Le Roux has served as Rand Merchant Bank’s chief economist since 2009. Prior to this, he served as co-head of Rand Merchant Bank’s Fixed Income, Commodity and Currency research team. 

Le Roux graduated from the North-West University with a BCom, BCom Honours and Masters in Economics, all cum laude. After completing his studies and lecturing economics at the same university, he served as an economist for the National Treasury, and a financial markets economist at First National Bank. 

In 1998, he joined Rand Merchant Bank in a similar role, and was the recipient of a number of company performance-related awards, including Best Analyst of the Year.

International Financial Planners panel moderated by Siki MGABADELI

How do the regulatory changes impact the widening advice gap – a view from across the pond. Our not-to-be-missed panel discuss how to manage client expectations, enhance emotional engagement as well as share practical know-how to bridge the divide.

Mark Duckworth

Chief Executive Officer



Since 2015, Mark Duckworth has served as chief executive officer of Openwork, one of the largest next-generation financial advice networks in the United Kingdom.

Duckworth originally joined the company as a commercial development director in 2010, and was appointed as managing director of distribution and marketing less than a year later.

Prior to joining Openwork, Duckworth held tenures at various major investment firms. These include serving as strategy director and distribution director at Prudential, where he was responsible for distribution throughout Europe and the Middle East; national sales manager at French multi-national insurance firm AXA; and as a regional sales manager for Scottish Amicable.

Guy Bolam




Guy Bolam is a senior partner and practice principal at BolamRose, a sophisticated and bespoke financial planning provider. In 2005, Bolam became a founding member of Openwork, one of the largest financial advice networks in the United Kingdom.

Bolam began his career in financial services in 1988 with Allied Dunbar, a former life assurance group based in London. That same year, he founded BolamRose and has continued to build a successful commission-based business. 

With a primary focus on high-net-worth individuals and their families, Bolam is committed to adding value to his clients’ lives by helping them achieve their investment goals

Gary Plein

Co-founder and Principal



Gary Plein is co-founder and principal of Aspire Independent Financial Planners LLP, an independent financial services provider based in London. 

Originally from South Africa, Plein emigrated to London in 1986 where he joined a large insurance company. In 1998, Plein co-established Aspire Independent Financial Planners LLP, and has successfully retained and grown his original client base for over three decades. 

Built largely on referrals, Plein deals primarily with solicitors, accountants, trust companies and private individuals and families. He has an RQF Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning from the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute.